Why choose MVHR  (heat recovery ventilation) when window trickle vents and noisy kitchen and bathroom extractor fans will keep the building inspector happy?

  • Indoor air quality – keeping indoor air contaminants low, maintaining relative humidity in the healthy zone (in the range 50%, ±15%), filtering out external pollution – doing all this continuously and reliably in the background;
  • Energy saving – using MVHR allows you to double-down on building air-tightness, which saves energy, hugely reduces drafts, makes the house quieter and helps the durability of the building fabric;
  • Comfort during hot weather – by helping keep relative humidity down, your home will feel more comfortable in summer
  • Open windows! You can still open windows as you do in any normally ventilated home.
  • Clothes and towels dry easily all year round, no noisy bathroom or kitchen fans, bathroom mirrors clear quickly

Read more about ventilation here:

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation (PDF, 465 kB)

Natural Ventilation (PDF, 1.62 MB)

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