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We are specialists in heat recovery ventilation systems, offering design, supply and commissioning of MVHR systems. MVHR, stands for “mechanical ventilation with heat recovery” and is also known as heat recovery ventilation. It is best to install MVHR in new builds or when retrofitting an existing building. However, it is quite often feasible to install one, even if you aren’t doing any other building work. Every building is different and that’s why we offer a bespoke service.

Build clients today increasingly expect better performance from their buildings. This means good, consistent indoor air quality (IAQ), quieter living environment and much lower energy costs. Heat recovery ventilation allows you to design and build to much higher levels of airtightness. This means you can reduce ventilation heat losses, radically reduce drafts and make your home quieter. If you build your home with an airtightness of about 1.5 to 2 air changes per hour or below, MVHR will start to save you money on your heating bills. The better the airtightness, the more energy you can save with your MVHR, all without sacrificing the quality of the air you breath at home.

This has put pressure on building designers and contractors to expand their knowledge of how to design, install and commission heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) systems to best achieve this.

How can we help?

From our experience over many years working with built-environment professionals, we have found that, in spite of high levels of professional expertise within the industry, it can be challenging to deliver robust and reliable MVHR solutions.

This is where LUFT MVHR comes in. We provide a personalised, solutions-focused and bespoke service in the following areas:

  • MVHR design, supply, installation support and commissioning;
  • Passivhaus consultancy;
  • Ventilation and low energy building expertise.

LUFT MVHR is based in Devon but covers most of the UK. Please get in touch using the form below or call on 07968 778875. We will be in touch as soon as we can!

MVHR design supply commissioning
Whole house cutaway of a LUFT MVHR system
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