Who we are

LUFT MVHR is a start-up, owned and managed by Adam Dadeby, one of the UK’s leading experts and pioneers in the fields of residential heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) and Passivhaus. He is a champion for the fabric-first approach to ultra-low energy housing.

He is co-author of the ground-breaking Passivhaus Handbook, which has spread knowledge of how to build to the Passivhaus standard and how to design and install MVHR. Adam has seven years’ experience designing, supplying and supporting MVHR systems across the UK and he has invaluble experience and knowledge, both professional and practical, to help your project succeed.

Adam is a Certified Passivhaus Consultant and has provided Passivhaus expertise on a number of projects since completing one of the UK’s first Certified Passivhaus projects in 2011. He and his wife Erica also ran the UK’s first and only Passivhaus bed and breakfast for a number of years. They hosted hundreds of guests who wanted to experience for themselves the benefits of a Passivhaus and living with MVHR ventilation. And many guests were inspired to build ultra-low energy homes using MVHR.

He has presented talks nationally on Passivhaus and MVHR to built-environment professionals and aspiring self-builders.


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